Alina Popa has been involved in different dirty theories that she didn’t know where would lead but they surely went into the direction of weird practices. She sometimes writes theory that not many people read but this is in total accordance with the reality of extinction: we now know there will be no one left to read it anyway. If there is someone though, then she/he/it can find out about the affective modulations of politics, the emotional performance of labour, the current normative neuro-choreographies. And fresher fossil theory deals with cannibalism, autophagia, junk selves, extremophiles, bezna and the multiple outside. Together with Florin Flueras she explores a zone of dark thought and an ambiguous method: the more complex these get the more humiliating they become. A whole philosophy and set of practices are being grounded on an unstable and reluctant terra firma under the name of Unsorcery (formerly Biosorcery)

She also co-founded The Bureau of Melodramatic Research (BMR) together with Irina Gheorghe in 2009, a dependent institution engaged in examining the way in which key elements of melodrama are currently at work on the political scene. BMR (re)searches the vague zones of dissipated affect through the practice of exaggeration germinating enormous chasms in the cast of our solidified life. As agents of the Bureau, they also follow the intricate workings of alien, anonymous passions which connect us to an unhuman world at the core of ourselves.

One of the recent activities of BMR involves the co-birth of the online Radio Prolife (2012) as a re-possession of a non-reductionist spectrum of life, of a life that cannot be uttered. The Radio is broadcasting in a contingent manner and is working under fetus camouflage. /

Alina Popa is also contributing to the Bezna zine , Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, Artleaks, the Presidential Candidacy and is part of some other secret congregations.

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