Dead Thinking

Dead Thinking


Saturday 7 December, 19h30, at CNDB
with Alina Popa and Florin Flueras

There is an absolutely obvious, normal step, almost a command, an obligation to do what one should do in order to secure and improve one’s life. We want to belong, to succeed, to achieve something in this world. Considering the way our contemporary life and society is shaped, if you have a healthy, alive thinking chances are for you to end up in the financial sector, advertising or, in the best case, in academia or being successful at art venues, or something like that.

What can be a dead thinking and dead feeling is our question then, or if not dead at least pathological. Probably a dead thinking is a thinking less from this world, less determined by what we know and more oriented towards darkness and unknown. Or maybe it is not thinking at all anymore. In the Wari’ tribe from Amazonia the soul gives the body not feelings, thoughts or consciousness, but it gives it instability. The Wari’ hold that “healthy and active people do not have a soul (jam-)”. Diseased, almost dead thinking (a thinking-feeling) opens up a possibility for metamorphosis, hence a brittling of the human form, a constant loss of any definition of humanity. The oscillation between unknown and the worst, between dead thinking and deadly thinking could be the starting point of discussing a new kind of politics, knowledge and existence.


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