Biosorcery at House of Drama in Oslo

5th of September, 20:30
Florin Flueras, Alina Popa

Paradoxically, we experience an infinite openness of the real, we are overwhelmed by the vastness of the possible and at the same time the reality is more and more something to consume in pre defined bits – packages of pre-fabricated, ready made life-slots. There is a new assembly line of lived experience at the center of contemporary production, the financial catechism structures and automatizes affective flows. Without necessary knowing we embraced an economic logic that works as a religion, creating the forms of life that we are and that we experience around us. And, as it was the case with the great witch-hunt of the 17th century, any inflection of belief, superstition or imagination blasting the drone of biopower is dismissed and repressed, patronizingly looked at and coldly subordinated to science and to the uniformity of collective perception.

How to escape the mechanisms that are creating only one possible world, that are confining the virtual to an extent that any potential of variation is exhausted? How can we place ourselves in a position of self-fragilization, which allows a power to affect and a power to be affected?

Sorcery was always the last resort for resisting this kind of religious take over of reality with its total organization of perceptions, behaviours and affects. Biosorcery is about production of new life from the precarious, bare life that inhabits us. It is about exhausting the spectacle potential, about achieving an affective attention as opposed to the current marketization of distracted affection and non-empathic attentiveness. Biosorcery is the displacement of the habitual microstructures from the monolithic body-home and their autonomization. When the body de-organizes and de-connects from its familiar structure, when its movements override the normative patterns prescribed by the economic logic, then the human can become something else.

Part of the Postspectacle days in Oslo

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